Dear customers and supporters of good food and drink. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully finished reconstruction of our branch in Holešovice. We gave it completely new design and concept. We are newly focused on mussels, oysters, great wines from the new world and extraordinary matured beef steaks from Czech breeds. We use the dry maturing method, where the meat matures for at least 50 days. To cut it short, we are CALIFORNIA BROTHERS – follow us on social networks and the web:

However, you have not lost your favorite Bagels. Our bakery delivers to many restaurants and coffee shops in Prague where you can buy them. For example Bistro Leon, Just Bagel, IF Café, Au Gourmand and many others. You can also contact our bakery directly at or call us at 220 806 590.

We will soon have a new website ready, where the “Bohemia Bagel” brand will get a new dimension. We will be happy to deliver our products to your home, office and wholesale business.

Your Bohemia Bagel Team